Terms & Conditions for After School Clubs

Last updated, Tuesday 12 July 2022

Thanks for considering Sound Pop Academy as an After School Club provider within your setting.

Our creative and contemporary approach to performing arts will allow for children of all ages and abilities to get the most from their Sound Pop Academy After School Club experience.

For transparency, we have a number of principles that the setting must agree on to allow smooth running of our After School’s Club offering and to ensure that both you (the Setting) and us (the Provider) understand each others responsibilities.

The After School Club

  • Sessions will include a mixture of singing, music, dance, physical activity, drama and confidence building games.
  • Children of all ages can attend and our sessions can be adapted to the age and ability of the participants.
  • There is no upper limit or maximum number of children who can attend and participate, however a member of school support staff/teacher must be present for should numbers go above 30. This will not be paid for or funded by Sound Pop Academy.

Timings & Dates

  • Sessions will last for up to a maximum of one hour and will run once per week.
  • Settings must commit to at least one full term.
  • Sessions should run at the same time and on the same day of the week. This will be agreed in writing prior to commencing your After School Club. 
  • If children arrive late (ie, from a school trip), we expect the session to still finish at the agreed finish time, even if this means a shorter overall session.
  • The number of sessions within each term may differ however dates will be in-line with the term dates set by the local authority that your setting is within.


  • Should you wish for your After School Club to perform at an event, such as a Christmas, Easter or Summer Fayre, then this will be chargeable at the standard session rate. This should be organised with at least one terms notice and is subject to the availability of Sound Pop Academy.
  • Your setting should not organise any additional rehearsals or perform at any events, without Sound Pop Academy’s permission. 

After School Club Content

  • All session content taught at your After School Club belongs to Sound Pop Academy. 
  • The arrangements we use at sessions are exclusive to Sound Pop Academy – that’s what makes our sessions super special! This means that we are unable to share our arrangements with you, for your own private or personal use within your setting. 

After School Club Marketing 

  • We will collect the data from each registers (numbers of attendees per sessions) to allow us to record contact rate activity for the provision across the year. 
  • We encourage you to market the After School Club within your setting by handing out leaflets, putting up posters, include details of the Sound Pop Academy After School’s Club within your parent newsletter and/or on social media. 
  • We can design an After School Club poster for you! Please contact us if you would like this.
  • No photographs or video/audio recordings should be taken in our sessions without our permission. This is due to copyright reasons. 
  • You can book us to run a Sound Pop Academy workshop for your setting, should you wish to encourage new members to join. Contact us for more information. 


  • Your setting will provide a register of children who are able to attend the After School Club to the Sound Pop Academy After School Club leader. This will be completed by us in each session and returned to you.
  • It is the settings responsibility to inform the leader of any children who require any access or additional support. We strive to make all of our sessions accessible, however if a child or young person required 1:1 or additional support, this must be paid for by the school, parent or guardian. 
  • We expect parent or guardians to be on time when collecting their child after the session.
  • We expect the setting to provide details to us about who is their DSL.
  • We will follow our own safeguarding policy and procedures whilst the children are in our care.


  • Sound Pop Academy will not be responsible for collecting individual payments from children or parent/guardians of the children who access the After School Club.
  • Your school will be invoiced each month for the sessions that ran the month prior. 
  • Invoices must be paid within 21 working days of receipt.
  • If another service is to pay for your schools After School Club, ie a Local Authority, Music Hub etc, then the contact details of the persons responsible for making payment must be given on the form above. 
  • Should an After School Club not run due to Sound Pop Academy team sickness, or other events outside of our control, you will not be charged. 
  • The payment made to Sound Pop Academy is a set fee and cannot be adjusted or determined by the number of children attending. 
  • Refunds cannot be made for low attendance or any other purpose.
  • Sessions that require cancellation should be put in writing and sent at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the After School Club. For any cancellations received within 24 hours of the start time, you will still be charged for that session. 
  • We will inform you with as much notice as possible, should a session need to be cancelled.
  • Should our After School Club lead arrive at your setting to run a scheduled session, but is unable to for any reason that is out of our control, you will still be charged.


  • We reserve the right to exclude any child whose behaviour is disruptive, following the school’s behaviour policy.


  • You opt in for Sound Pop Academy to hand out Sound Pop Academy leaflets and fliers to those children who attend, which give children and parents further information about our main Academy offering.

Media Consent

  • Sound Pop Academy will not take photos, videos or any recordings of children who take part in any After School Club activity without prior written consent.

This agreement is valid for a 12 months period and a new agreement will be required each August. 

Should you have any questions regarding the After School Club programme, please contact Becky Griffin – Community Outreach Lead at becky@soundpopacademy.co.uk or call us on 02382 547324.