Audition Week at Sound Pop Academy

Audition Week at Sound Pop Academy

Last week at Sound Pop Academy wass ‘Audition Week’. It’s the second time this school year that we have held auditions for lead vocalists and we are so excited! Today, we wanted to share a bit more about our audition process and why we love giving our members the opportunity to perform solos.

How does Audition Week work?

Our Audition Week sessions are pretty similar to a typical session. We start every week with a physical and vocal warmup, followed by practising some of the songs we already know. Each session at Sound Pop Academy, we also learn part of a new song. Sometimes we learn lyrics and harmonies, and sometimes we learn choreography. This week we’ve been focussing on some new choreography.

Then, it’s time for auditions! Our approach to auditioning for lead vocalists at Sound Pop Academy is pretty relaxed. We know how scary it can be for members to stand up and sing in front of their friends, so we try and make it as pressure-free as possible. Members are given a short section of the song we’re auditioning for in advance so they can practice at home. And then one by one, members who want to audition stand up and sing what they’ve learnt. All of our auditions are recorded so that they can be sent to Sound Pop Academy HQ for a final decision to be made.

We’re always blown away by how many members stand up and audition!

Why do we do Audition Week and have lead vocalists?

We introduced songs with a lead vocalist last year. At Sound Pop Academy, we’re always looking for ways to help develop our members’ performance skills and confidence. Offering members the chance to audition (and potentially be able to perform a solo) is an excellent way of helping our members become more comfortable with singing on their own and in front of other people. We absolutely love Audition Week and know our members love it too!

Last year, we had two songs with lead vocalists. The first was ‘Lose You To Love Me’ by Selena Gomez and the second was a duet – ‘Woman Up’ by Meghan Trainor. Check out this video of our lead vocalists and backup lead vocalists practising Woman Up:

Don’t they sound amazing!?

Our Academy Team have been so proud watching our lead vocalists take to stages big and small to perform their solos so confidently. We’ve had lead vocalists sing in Westquay Shopping Centre, at bustling Christmas markets, on theatre stages and at Southampton Marathon – and they’ve delivered incredible performances each and every time.


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