I’m really excited to encourage them to be whoever they want to be! ⭐️

I’m really excited to encourage them to be whoever they want to be! ⭐️

What I’m most looking forward to about starting at Sound Pop Academy…

When I was younger, music fascinated me. Coming from a relatively non-musical family, I never really knew why I was so drawn to music but I would spend many evenings after school with my headphones in, reading along to the lyrics which would be tucked inside my favourite CD covers. I would battle my siblings for a chance to use our computer so I could spend hours browsing YouTube, finding new artists and songs to listen to which I would play on repeat. This precious time at home allowed me to process my school day and all the inevitable emotions that came with being young.

Music gave me the power to express how I was feeling, when often this can be hard to do. If I found a song that would make me particularly happy, I would dance around the living room with my sister, I’d pick up the nearest household item that closely resembled a microphone and suddenly, I was a star! Sometimes if I didn’t have a great day, I would listen to some music on my own somewhere and allow the feelings to spill out through the words and the melodies. Through doing this and having a creative output, not only was I more happy and confident but I had also started my singing journey. I am positive if I had not started connecting with music from a young age that I would not now be in my tenth year as a full time performing artist.

I’m really excited about getting to know all of the members at Sound Pop Academy and being able to encourage them to be whoever they want to be, in a safe environment. I can’t wait to learn all their little quirks, what they enjoy the most and helping and guiding them to explore that and take it to the next level. I can’t wait to share my tips on being a great performer, as I think it’s really important to try and engage with lyrics and melodies. Once you’ve mastered that you can really give the performance of a life time!

I cannot wait to meet everyone, it won’t be long now.

Jenni Monday – Academy Leader – Portsmouth

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