Becoming a pop star…

We all know somebody that has that inner desire to be a famous pop star. We’d never want to discourage anybody from following their dreams but despite many people’s thoughts, becoming a pop star requires a lot of hard work and a lot of long days!

If you have a dream of one day becoming a singer to top the charts, sing at Wembley Stadium or perform at Radio 1’s Live Lounge you really need to work on becoming a master of your skill. A lot of famous singers spend years of their lives busking, performing for free anywhere they can to build up experience and knowledge before trying to make it mainstream. TV shows like the X Factor can be a good way to gain exposure but with the right systems around you, you wouldn’t need to head over to a TV show to make that happen.

You can try writing a few songs yourself, book yourself into a recording studio and then self-promote. Perform your music anywhere, get your name out there, get people talking about you. Social media, websites, promotion. It’s all going to help.

If you want to become a famous pop star, put lots of work in and who knows where you’d end up!

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