I’m so proud to be part of such a fabulous team!

I’m so proud to be part of such a fabulous team!

I’m a teacher, a wife and a mum to three gorgeous boys.

My Career

I started teaching back in 2007. I’m primary trained and have spent a good portion of my career in early years, teaching reception. My favourite time of year has always been Christmas. It’s lovely to teach my children all the Christmas songs and put on a show to melt any parents heart. If I didn’t cry with pride for my little pickles, in my eyes, I hadn’t done my job properly. I’ve always loved this side of my job but didn’t know it could actually be a job until my best friend Jayne started working for Sound Pop Academy and encouraged me to apply for the role.

My Early Years

Performing is something I’ve always shied away from despite always loving to sing and dance. Fairly recently, I joined a choir but before this, my performances were limited to countless childhood shows my sister and I would put on for my parents. This included a somewhat lengthy version of the Fresh Prince of a Bel-Air where my little sister provided the beatboxing and my baby brother was some sort of cute chubby backing dancer, in a nappy.

A few years on, I was a shy teenager. The opportunity to enter yourself into the end of secondary school leaving assembly came up. My friends decided we should sing in a group. This idea terrified me but, eventually, I agreed. I had a job to stop my legs from jittering but, I did it! I sang in front of the entire year group where I even sang a solo. It was actually fun, despite the fear. My friend Lewis said people were shocked to see me up there and were really nice about our part in the show. Despite this, the opportunities to do anything else like this just weren’t available to me. If Sound Pop Academy existed back then, I would have snapped up the opportunity.

I love being part of a choir

Being part of Love Soul Choir shows me how much hard work goes into vocals, choreography and performance skills at a higher level. I love it. It’s given me the confidence to step out from behind the scenes and perform. It would have been amazing for me to be involved with something like this from a young age. I would have had more faith in myself because the thing is, being able to get out there and do something you love with the support of fellow singers has some sort of magical effect.

I can’t confess to being able to really explain it but, it raises your spirits. It’s a place where you belong, where you are part of something bigger, something supportive and something that makes you feel proud. The singing is amazing but the other benefits of group singing are just as important!

Leading Sound Pop Academy sessions

My Winchester group are awesome and I want to provide all of this for them. The friendships and the confidence in themselves included. I’m so proud to be part of such a fabulous team and nobody could ever imagine how much preparation is put in behind the scenes by Dan, Mike and Jayne. The team strive to ensure all Sound Pop Academy members have the best possible start on their journey to being even more fabulous than they already are.

Izzie Monaghan – Academy Leader – Winchester

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Public Workshops

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