How often do you listen to music?

How often do you listen to music?

We know how important music is but how often do you listen to it? Music is a universal language that we can all relate and connect to/with. That’s why we think it’s really crucial that all Sound Pop Academy singers expose themselves to a wide variety of different genres and styles of music all the way from songs on the BBC Radio 1 playlist to songs released way back in 1940 or earlier.

Did you know that a number of classical pieces are sampled in recent pop songs too? Little Mix released a song called ‘Little Me’ back in 2013 and that song sampled part of composer Gabriel Fauré’s ‘Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50’ which was written in 1887. This piece of music also featured in ‘Natural’ by S Club 7 which was released in 2000. Music from centuries ago influence recent and upcoming pop songs and we think having a wide knowledge of music can only be beneficial to anybody hoping to make their way in to the music industry.

Open up that app that you use to play music and randomly shuffle songs that you don’t know, you’ll be surprised how many elements of others songs might have influenced (or may even be sampled in) the song you’ll be listening to.

We think it’s really interesting and we hope you do too.

Dan Cooper
Sound Pop Academy Director

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