Introducing: VocalKit

Introducing: VocalKit

Start spreading the news! After several months of work, we have finally announced the launch of our brand new service, ‘VocalKit’. To find out more about the project, we spoke to Becky Griffin, our Community Outreach Lead. Here’s what she had to say.

Tell us about ‘VocalKit’.

Becky: “VocalKit is a fresh, diverse and contemporary approach to singing in educational settings. We’ve worked on the project with the Southampton & IOW Music Hub (a partnership of organisations delivering the new National Plan for Music Education) to support the new National Plan for Education which is launching in September.

We wanted to create a supportive platform for teachers to help them confidently implement singing into the school day, regardless of their musical background. The platform will offer a diverse and inclusive programme of vocal activity to support teachers in delivering life-changing musical experiences for young people.”

How does VocalKit work?

Becky: “It’s a subscription-based service that offers singing packages to schools. There are packages aimed at both primary and secondary schools, ‘Sign and Sing’ packages, assembly packages and more. This content will be regularly updated to ensure that it is engaging and current. VocalKit also offers an online support hub and training (both online and in-person).

We hope that the platform not only helps develop the music skills of students but that it supports their social and emotional wellbeing too.”

Why are Sound Pop Academy getting involved with singing in schools?

Becky: “Singing in schools isn’t brand new to Sound Pop Academy. We already run a number of after school clubs in the Southampton area alongside our main academies. We’re really excited to be able to offer further support to schools with their singing and music provision. Ultimately, we’re all about getting more young people singing and we know that making singing an enjoyable part of the school day is one of the best ways we can achieve this!”

How does VocalKit support the new National Plan for Music Education?

Becky: “VocalKit specifically sets out to support three of the seven features that schools will be encouraged to implement from September 2023. These features are termly school performances, a choir or vocal group and a live performance for children once a year.

Earlier in the year, we did some research to find out what support teachers wanted in terms of delivering singing in schools. We found that they wanted support with successfully implementing the new National Plan for Music Education. Specifically, they asked for resources for vocal groups and singing assemblies, which we’re proud to offer through VocalKit.”

What’s next for VocalKit?

Becky: “As well as creating lots of amazing content for the platform, we want to get the word out to as many schools as we can!”


If you’re a teacher and would like to register for more information, please click here and fill out the form.


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