My Radio Listening

The radio in our kitchen is on all the time when we are awake in our house, but I have no choice on the station, my parents have it set to Radio 2. We also have the radio on the TV when we have our meals, that is also Radio 2 ☹. When my mum and dad leave the room to get the food, I change the radio station to Capital or Heart ☺, but they change it back again. When I listen to radio 2 it gives me a big variety of music such as Kylie Minogue (who I am going to see at the Radio 2 Festival in a Day) to George Ezra, I also like joining in with Ken Bruce’s pop master. I don’t normally get the answers right though.

My ideal listening would be Capital radio as I prefer the songs played on there, my favourite songs are Freaky Friday (Clean Version) along with all the music in the charts, I just wish I could hear them more often.

From Georgia Hurst

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