Our Summer Theatre Show ☀️

Our Summer Theatre Show ☀️

This weekend, it was our 5th Anniversary Summer Theatre Show. And we’re still absolutely buzzing!

Our Summer Theatre show is one of the most exciting moments in the Sound Pop Academy calendar every year. And this year, we also had our highest number of members perform ever. So, yeah, you could say that it was a pretty big deal!

This year’s show was held at Sound Pop Academy’s home, MAST Mayflower Studios. They have an AMAZING theatre space so we were very excited to be performing there. Over the course of the day, we had two shows; one for Little Sound Pop Academy and one for Sound Pop Academy.

Little Sound Pop Academy ????

For many of our Little Sound Pop Academy members, our group for 6-8 year olds, our Summer Theatre Show was their first theatre performance ever. Our Little Sound Pop Academy group is all about building confidence and performance skills.

At our sessions this year, we’ve been working towards this performance, and members have had two ‘Showbacks’ to families and friends to get them used to performing in a really safe and supportive space. In their 45 minute show, they performed pop songs including ‘Better When I’m Dancing’ originally by Meghan Trainor and ‘Little Bit Of Love’ originally by Tom Grennan.

We were unbelievably proud of each and every one of our Little Sound Pop Academy members. They totally rocked it!

Sound Pop Academy ⛱️

Most of our Sound Pop Academy members are pretty used to performing by now. So far in 2023, they’ve sung at Westquay Shopping Centre, Southampton Marathon, Mayflower Theatre and Bedford Place Street Festival.

But our Summer Theatre Show gives them the opportunity to put everything they’ve learnt into practice. It’s our biggest performance of the year and we sing every song we’ve learnt since September across two 45 minute sets.

This year, we also had a special surprise for one of our songs, ‘ME!’ originally by Taylor Swift. We welcomed a local samba band to play alongside our soloists, Sophia-Rose and Ashton, and the rest of Sound Pop Academy. It was a pretty epic moment and something we hope both members and the audience will remember for a while!


Want to get involved with incredible performances? Come and try Sound Pop Academy! You can book a free trial for Little Sound Pop Academy or Sound Pop Academy on our website at any time.


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