Do you want to perform with us? 🚀

Do you want to perform with us? 🚀

If you’re new around here, you might not know that, at Sound Pop Academy, we run two weekly groups.

Our Little group is designed for 6-8 year olds and sessions focus on having fun whilst singing and dancing and building confidence. Our Advanced group is aimed at 9-17 year olds who want to learn awesome harmonies, improve vocal skills and develop as performers. Our Advanced group members have the opportunity to take part in some awesome performance opportunities from theatre shows and outdoor events to festivals and community performances.

2023 was an AMAZING year for our members we can’t wait to see them continue to develop their performance skills at our performances this year.

Let’s take a look back at some of our favourite performance moments of last year.

Shopping centres and community events 🌳

In 2023, we performed twice at Westquay Shopping Centre. Back in February, 50 of our members joined us to sing some of our favourite pop songs including ‘Soulmate’, originally by Lizzo, and ‘Break Free’, originally performed by Ariana Grande. Westquay is always a super fun performance and we know our members LOVE entertaining the passing shoppers at Westquay.

During the spring and summer months, we also had a great time performing outside. Our Advanced members took to the stage at the ABP Southampton Marathon and performed at the Bedford Place Festival in Southampton.

Theatre shows

We couldn’t talk about the incredible performance opportunities on offer at Sound Pop Academy without mentioning the theatre shows!!

In 2023, our members had the absolute privilege of singing to a SOLD-OUT audience at Mayflower Theatre in Southampton. We were there with Love Soul Choir and Sing Now Choir to participate in ‘One Sound: Musicals’ and we don’t think our members will ever stop telling us how much they loved being part of it!

We also hosted our 5th anniversary Summer Theatre Show at MAST Mayflower Studios. Our Summer Theatre Show is always one of the highlights of our Sound Pop Academy year and, this year, it was bigger than ever. We even welcomed a local samba band to play alongside our members during one of our songs, ‘ME!’ originally by Taylor Swift.


Want to get involved with some of our incredible performance opportunities this year? Come and try Sound Pop Academy! You can book a taster session on our website at any time.


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