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We’re not just a singing group, we’re a family, a team and a safe environment…

What Sound Pop Academy means to me…

This is such a big question and there is no simple answer. Sound Pop Academy was born as a way to help support, encourage and develop young passionate singers. We’re not just a singing group, we’re a family, a team and a safe environment which gives our members room and space to flourish. 

Because of this, Sound Pop Academy means the world to me. 

I know (from my own experience) how much value can be gained from being part of a group such as Sound Pop Academy. It’s not only the fact that skills can be learnt and developed but it’s the life-long, genuine friendships that can be formed too. Connection, love and friendship, I think, are the foundation blocks to life and if we, at Sound Pop Academy, can help our members find this in their own lives, I’d say we’ve done a pretty good job.

What I’m looking forward to the most when Sound Pop Academy resumes…

I can’t wait to see the excitement on our members faces when they see each other again. I can’t wait to hear the sound that our singers produce together and I can wait to see the pure joy of everybody moving in time to music again.

It’s been a strange few months but we know that what we offer is going to be needed more than ever in the coming months.

I can’t wait to be able to support our young singers in whichever ways they need as they transition back to ‘normal’ life. Whether they’re going back to school or whether they’re starting a new school I can’t wait for Sound Pop Academy to be that stable outlet they look forward to each and every week

Dan Cooper – Academy Director & Academy Leader – Portsmouth

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Public Workshops

We run incredible public workshops throughout the year for young people aged 5-17! Tickets for our public workshops tend to go quickly, so be sure to keep checking back for new events if we’re sold out.