Sound Pop Academy means everything to me…

Sound Pop Academy means everything to me…

What Sound Pop Academy means to me…

Sound Pop Academy isn’t just my business or a ‘job’. Sound Pop Academy was created to bring young people together who love to sing and perform, who want to gain confidence and express themselves in any way they wish and to provide opportunities that no other groups offer. Having poured my heart and soul into Sound Pop Academy since Dan and I came up with its concept back in 2016, I take most satisfaction from knowing that we have created a safe place, a family and a community for so many young people and their families across the south. 

Sound Pop Academy isn’t just an after schools club where people come to sing for a couple of hours. We’re a performing arts academy with strong core values and beliefs and I feel like we have encompassed these values and beliefs by making them the centre and the heart of the academy. 

We support and encourage, show, lead and guide our members through their journey with us which makes for some pretty big standout moments! From children who arrive at their first trial session in tears because they’re nervous, and then six weeks later are owning it on stage with their peers, to children who couldn’t step-touch in time with the music and a few weeks of hard work later, are front row and performing with conviction and the utmost confidence. 

It is honestly bonkers to see these changes happen in front of your eyes. It makes you proud of each member. Proud of their own little achievements. Achievements they may not notice until you give them that high five, but the biggest smile that comes when they realise they did good! 

Surely that’s what performing arts is about? Discovery, support, confidence building and opportunity. And so, Sound Pop Academy means everything to me and I really hope more young people can come and be a part of our journey!

What I’m looking forward to the most when Sound Pop Academy resumes…

This is so hard to answer, without simply saying “EVERYTHING” because I’m am just looking forward to everything!

I’m really looking forward to seeing all of our members again. Watching them bounce through the front door of the rehearsal room. Seeing them chat to their friends before the session and hearing about what they’ve been doing since we last met. 

As silly as it may sound, I can’t wait for those water spills which required 5 packets of paper towels to clean up! I can’t wait for those hilarious and slightly random toilet break requests, whilst learning a challenging harmony line. I can’t wait for more spontaneous discos. I really can’t wait for the silliness that comes with each and every session.

Mostly, I’m looking forward to seeing the faces of every member when they hear how they sound after learning a new song. When the lyrics are locked in, the harmonies have been learnt and the wall of sound that comes with 40, 60, 80 strong voices is heard. It’ll be spine tingling.

Mike Evans – Academy Director & Academy Leader – Hedge End

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Public Workshops

We run incredible public workshops throughout the year for young people aged 5-17! Tickets for our public workshops tend to go quickly, so be sure to keep checking back for new events if we’re sold out.