Southampton HAF Summer 2022

Southampton HAF Summer 2022

As we come to the end of the Summer Holidays, we’re reflecting on our busy summer of workshops around the city.

Sound Pop Academy have been involved in the Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) for a number of school holidays. The programme offers support to families on lower incomes, giving them the opportunity to access rewarding and active activities alongside healthy meals over the school holidays. We’ve been lucky to have been able to visit 18 locations across the city providing 1 hour singing and dance workshops to each of the HAF Hubs. Our workshop leaders, Mike, Becky, Jayne, Molly, Sophie, Katrina & Jimmy, have a great time teaching pop songs, choreography and drama games to children who may not usually have access to this provision.

Not only were we able to revisit HAF Locations from previous years, such as Testlands, Superstar Sports, ActiveMe360 & ActiveNations, but we also had the chance to locations new to us. Thornhill Primary & JMLS – thank you for welcoming our leaders!

Music Video Recording Project

As well as our HAF sessions across the city, we’re delighted to have received funding from Southampton HAF to run our own Music Video Recording Project. This project was for both HAF children and Sound Pop Academy members. The project took place on Monday 22 August 2022 at the Sound Pop Academy offices, based at MAST Mayflower Studios in Southampton. The talented group of 56 children spent the day recording vocals, harmonies, learning choreography and performing to the camera. The project and recording is for a very special video that is due to be released online on Monday 10 October. Keep your eyes on our social media pages for more details about the release of this very special recording.

In total this summer, we ran 32 hours of workshops, across 18 locations, reaching over 665 children in Southampton.

Kids singing in circle around a microphone Sound Pop Academy HAF Southampton

We’d like to thank Ryan, Immy and the HAF team at Southampton City Council, for giving us the opportunity to inspire hundreds of Southampton children in the creative arts.

We had the best time dancing & singing with you all and cannot wait for HAF at Christmas in 2022!

Should any child who took part in our summer programme wish to attend a free class with us this autumn term, we’d warmly welcome their parent of guardian to book a taster session here!

Public Workshops

We run incredible public workshops throughout the year for young people aged 5-17! Tickets for our public workshops tend to go quickly, so be sure to keep checking back for new events if we’re sold out.

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