Get Ready for our Summer Theatre Show ☀️

Get Ready for our Summer Theatre Show ☀️

The evenings are getting lighter, it’s getting a bit warmer and we’re beginning to see some more sunshine. It’s official – summer is on its way!

At Sound Pop Academy, one of the reasons we are super excited to be heading towards the summer months is that it means our Summer Theatre Shows are getting closer.

If you’ve been around for a while, you might know that our Summer Theatre Shows are a pretty big deal around here. Our members work towards these shows at sessions all year and they really do bring our Sound Pop Academy year to a close with a BANG.


Back in July 2023, we held our Summer Theatre Shows at our home, MAST Mayflower Studios in Southampton. It was our 5th anniversary Summer Theatre Show and it was special in so many ways. For one, we had our highest number of members perform in any single day, ever! The stage at both performances was FULL of our incredible members singing and dancing with so much confidence.

We also surprised the audience with a local samba playing alongside our members during one of our songs, ‘ME!’ originally by Taylor Swift. It was an epic day!

Watch the video from the day here:


It’s almost time for us to share the details of our Summer Theatre Shows for 2024 with our members. Rumour has it that tickets are going on sale this week! 👀

One of the reasons we’re really excited this year is that we have our first Portsmouth Region Summer Theatre Show. We can’t wait for the members of our two newest academies to take to the stage.

But we’re also excited that this year’s Summer Theatre Shows will be themed for the first time ever! We’d love to know what you think the theme might be?


Want to get involved with our Summer Theatre Shows this year? It’s not too late! Come and try Sound Pop Academy! You can book a taster session on our website at any time.


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