Terms & Conditions for After School Clubs

Last updated, 19 September 2023



Any young person (aged 17 and under) who wishes to engage with and/or join a Sound Pop Academy After School Club should seek their parents or legal guardian’s permission prior to making payment for their place.

By booking your child a place at our After School Club, both you and your child are confirming that you have read and fully agree to the following information in this document, which acts as our terms and conditions for the duration of the After School Club term, as well as expectations of behaviour from the participants throughout their journey with us.

Terms and conditions are agreed to when the payment is received for the child’s place at their Sound Pop Academy After School Club.

You also confirm that you are medically fit to take part in all activities within Sound Pop Academy and you will provide access, allergy, medical, next of kin and any other relevant information prior to attending your first session with us. You also agree to keep us informed of any changes to these details throughout the length of your (child’s) time with us.

In these terms and conditions, we may refer to the After School Club as ASC.


  • In return for the termly attendance fee, Sound Pop Academy ASC will provide a weekly session (apart from any scheduled weeks due to half term breaks, or in rare circumstances, should your child’s rehearsal fall on an inset day) in a suitable environment. Attendance isn’t obliged, but we’d appreciate good attendance in the build up to any performance that we are working towards. The termly fee is for Sound Pop Academy attendance, which includes scheduled weekly sessions.
  • A Sound Pop Academy ASC is ongoing for the duration of one full term and cannot be paused should the child or young person be unavailable to attend for a duration of time.
  • ASC bookings can not be transferred from one child to another.
  • Sound Pop Academy reserves the right to decline/end an ASC placement at any point, although we try to avoid this!
  • You will be required to resign your child up to their Sound Pop Academy ASC prior to the start of each new term. Parents whose children are already attending a Sound Pop Academy ASC will have access to rebook their child onto a new term, one week before new children. We cannot reserve space and places are always subject to availability.
  • We expect children to be collected promptly once the ASC has finished.


ASC fees are charged per child, per term. The exact fee for your child’s place can be found on the Classforkids dashboard. The whole term fee will be payable, even if your child decides to join us part way through an on-going term. We do not offer pro-rata rates. We do not offer sibling discounts.


  • Sound Pop Academy is an academy that loves to feature and showcase its participants. Lot’s of what we do include showcasing young people in print, video, online, live streams, on social media and in our marketing materials. If you give media consent for your child, then you agree that by sending your child to a Sound Pop Academy ASC, we have the right to photograph and record your child and use these images and recordings for marketing and promotional purposes. Photos and recordings of your child may be used online, in social media, in print, in news articles, by any of our partners and on other media platforms. Should you prefer to opt your child out from media consent, please email us at hello@soundpopacademy.co.uk prior to submitting a booking.
  • All media taken by or for Sound Pop Academy belongs solely to Sound Pop Academy.
  • You understand that whilst we have a strong Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and put measures in place when necessary, we are unable to prevent third parties from taking photographs or recordings of your child whilst in a public space, such as performances.


  • We hold safe and productive weekly performing arts sessions.
  • Sound Pop Academy ASC is a contemporary group. Therefore we learn contemporary pop songs and music which is in the charts right now. We will never learn songs that we perceive as being too ‘mature’ for the age group being taught. We will never learn a song that wouldn’t be played on the radio during the day. You agree to Sound Pop Academy’s music/song choices.
  • Our sessions are for Sound Pop Academy ASC attendees only.
  • Correct footwear must be worn at all sessions and performances. Trainers, canvas shoes and shoes covering toes are acceptable. Bare foot, flip-flops, dolly shoes and shoes with a heel are not acceptable and children will be not be able to participate.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any property left in the school, although we will try to return any property found to the owner.
  • If a weekly session is cancelled due to what we deem ‘extreme weather conditions’ or due to an inset day that we were not aware about and/or other circumstances out of our control, the relative fee(s) is/are not refundable and no additional session will be organised.
  • The use of mobile phones and portable electronic devices (such as iPads or tablets) during Sound Pop Academy activity is not permitted.


  • Access to Sound Pop Academy sessions which are not ASC’s are not included. Attendance doesn’t include access or discounts to any of our other events, which may run outside of your school setting. Bespoke events and workshops that are run by Sound Pop Academy, such as Sing This Summer! are not part of the ASC offering.


  • Sound Pop Academy is a NUT FREE ZONE. No nuts of any shape, size or variety can be brought to sessions, socials of events. We have children who are severely allergic to nut products. Save your Snickers for home.
  • No energy drinks should be consumed by any child, whilst at any Sound Pop Academy ASC session.



At a Sound Pop Academy ASC, we strive to provide all young people with a life changing experience, that will allow them to gain experience in music, performance and grow in confidence. We strive to continually provide a premium service and our staff, leaders, assistants, volunteers and other participants of the team deserve the respect and cooperation to be able to provide this service.

We will not tolerate any young person who is disrespectful or not obeying an instruction given by the Sound Pop Academy staff team because that’s not cool. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and by engaging in a Sound Pop Academy ASC, you agree that if you/your child is guilty of any of the following behaviours they will be removed from Sound Pop Academy and their place cancelled without refund.

  • Behaving in a manner which puts either themselves or another person in the building at risk
  • Guilty of causing harm either physically or emotionally to another person
  • Guilty of causing damage to the building or any of its fixtures or fittings
  • Guilty of causing damage to property that does not belong to them this can include personal items belonging to other participants, property belonging to Sound Pop Academy or our local partners, or items that have been hired or borrowed
  • Failure to follow the instructions given by a member of the Sound Pop Academy team
  • Continued failure to change behaviour following continued requests to do so
  • Any behaviour which can be deemed to be gross misconduct


  • We operate a strict ‘No Refund’ Policy.
  • Refunds can’t be issued for any reason after your payment has been processed. We will assume that your child is free and available to attend all scheduled sessions.
  • We are unable to offer any refunds when the sessions can’t run, for example, school closure, inset days, school closures to due weather, non-attendance,  and/or a change in circumstances to the child or parent/guardians availability.
  • Sound Pop Academy overalls all school decisions with regards to our refund policy.


Please note Sound Pop Academy reserve the right to update ‘Terms & Conditions’ at any time. Parents will be notified, and will remain bound to the agreement unless they decide to opt out. Opting out of our terms and conditions set out in this document will automatically terminate engagement with our activity.

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