Terms & Conditions of VocalKit Subscription

LAST UPDATED 3 november 2023

By ticking the box titled ‘I have read and agree with your terms and conditions’ you (the “subscriber”) are confirming that you have read and fully agree to the following information in this document, which acts as our terms and conditions of subscription.

Terms and conditions are agreed to when a subscription is activated. They can be viewed at any point by logging in to the VocalKit dashboard of the website.

You also agree to keep us informed of any changes to your personal details throughout the length of your subscription with us.


  • In return for the monthly fee, VocalKit will provide content & a Learning Plan for Primary, Secondary & Assembly provision, plus termly Networking Events.  The monthly fee is for VocalKit membership, which includes our VocalKit content, plans, networking events, online training videos and access to our VocalKit forum. The fee has no proportional correspondence to your usage.
  • A VocalKit subscription is ongoing and cannot be paused should a participant be unable to use the content for a period of time.
  • New subscribers will receive access to the online members area as soon as they have set up an account.
  • You agree not to use VocalKit content outside the space in which it is meant for use. You may not access content outside of your school establishment unless for a performance purposes for your children. 
  • VocalKit reserves the right to decline/end subscription at any point.
  • A VocalKit subscription is for the use of one school. You cannot share a subscription, membership or account with any other educational establishment.
  • All content is under copyright protection and belongs to Sound Pop Academy and Southampton & Isle of Wight Music Hub.

FEES – 2023/2024

  • £15 per calendar month
  • No discounts can be applied for multiple accounts within one educational establishment. 

All Sound Pop Academy judgements and decisions are final.


  • VocalKit loves to feature and showcase its users. Lot’s of what we do includes showcasing performers in print, video, online, live streams, on social media and in our marketing materials.
  • You must have full permission from your educational establishment and follow your individual schools’ Media Policies when sharing performances using our VocalKit content.
  • You must make VocalKit aware if you are publishing performances of our content online. 
  • All media taken by or for VocalKit belongs solely to VocalKit.


  • VocalKit will arrange one performance opportunity per year. It is not compulsory that you attend, but we encourage attendance to make the full use of your VocalKit access. 
  • When VocalKit has a concert or performance, each performer may be required to make their own travel arrangements and provide their own food/drink.
  • Performers may be required to purchase their own performance costume and/or accessories.
  • Trips, events and bespoke workshops may come with additional fees to cover the cost of the planned activity, such as but not limited to; tickets to shows and trips, travel or food and drink.


  • Additional, one-off events and workshops that are run by VocalKit are not necessarily included with a VocalKit subscription.


VocalKit is proud to be accessible and open to all young people who wish to participate in the arts. For singers who require additional assistance in order to access VocalKit performance, including but not limited to those who may consider themselves disabled for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010, a carer must be present at all times whose job it is to care for and look after the relevant young person. A carer (not to the expense of VocalKit) must be available for any activity that takes place ‘off site’. We consider ‘off site’ to be any place where activity takes place that is outside of the rehearsal venue, including but not limited to performances, social events and trips. VocalKit strives to ensure that it offers a fair experience to all of its subscribers, but can not be held responsible should a VocalKit performance or event not be fully accessible. The reason a performance or event may not be fully accessible may be due to the location of the performance (outdoor events), grade listed buildings (theatres or museums without lifts) or any other factor. In the interests of safety, VocalKit have the final say in any decision as to whether any singer may perform. Should you have any questions about accessibility with VocalKit, please get in touch.


  • Subscribers are able to self-terminate their account at any time via the VocalKit dashboard.
  • Refunds can’t be given should a school decide to cancel their subscription after a payment has been made.


In the event of an unplanned local, national or worldwide crisis, such as a pandemic, epidemic or natural disaster, VocalKit reserves the right to close with immediate effect. Any crisis will be dealt with on a case by case basis and the VocalKit directors decision will be final. Subscribers always have the ability to immediately cancel their subscription by logging into their account via the VocalKit dashboard, which will stop any future payments and cease their engagement fully with VocalKit upon their next bill date. Alternative content or engagement may be delivered should a subscription offering continue, which could temporarily replace any face to face sessions that are unable to run, for whatever reason. Refunds will not be available for previous payments made and new fees may be considered to reflect the service offered. Terms and conditions will also be able to be fairly altered without notice by VocalKit HQ in this instance, to protect Sound Pop Academy Limited as a business and any of our amazing subscribers and their schools.


Please note Sound Pop Academy reserve the right to update ‘Terms & Conditions’ at any time. Subscribers will be notified, and will remain bound to the agreement unless they decide to opt out. Opting out of our terms and conditions set out in this document will automatically terminate a subscription.