Terms & Conditions of Membership

last updated 7 september 2023

Any young person (aged 17 and under) who wishes to engage with and/or join Sound Pop Academy should seek their parents or legal guardian’s permission prior to submitting a taster application or engaging in a full membership with Sound Pop Academy.

By ticking the box titled ‘I have read and agree with your terms and conditions’ both you and your child (the “member”) are confirming that you have read and fully agree to the following information in this document, which acts as our terms and conditions of membership as well as expectations of behaviour from our members throughout their journey with us.

Terms and conditions are agreed to when a taster application form is submitted. Should a young person decide to sign up as a full paying member, the terms and conditions of membership as well as member behaviour and expectations have already been agreed to. They can be viewed at any point by logging into the membership area on our website.

You also confirm that you are medically fit to take part in all activities within Sound Pop Academy and you will provide access, allergy, medical, next of kin and any other relevant information prior to attending your first session with us. You also agree to keep us informed of any changes to these details throughout the length of your (child’s) membership with us.

In these terms and conditions, we may refer to Little Sound Pop Academy as LSPA and Advanced Sound Pop Academy as SPA.



  • In return for the monthly membership fee, Sound Pop Academy will provide a weekly session (apart from any weeks outlined in this document or the term schedule) in a suitable environment. Members aren’t obliged, but we’d appreciate good attendance. The monthly fee is for Sound Pop Academy membership, which includes scheduled weekly sessions, performances, some Sound Pop Academy events, and an online membership access. The membership fee has no proportional correspondence to the number of weekly sessions.
  • All young people will be required to attend a taster session before confirming their membership with us. •
  • If a member doesn’t wish to join after their first weekly session (the taster session), we won’t charge a penny. However, if the member decides that they’d like to join us, the full membership fee of £26.00 (LSPA) or £36.00 (SPA) starts from their next session. The first date where membership fee is paid will determine the date that future monthly payments are taken. (Eg. if you sign your child up on the 27th, then future payments will be collected on the 27th of each month).
  • The first week (taster session) is free only if the individual doesn’t wish to become a member and doesn’t attend a Sound Pop Academy weekly session in the future. If at any point a member decides that we’re not for them, but has paid their monthly membership fee, we cannot offer a refund of this payment.
  • Sometimes we find that we’re just not right for each other, and this is why we like to contact members to check how they’re feeling should we notice any discrepancies. This is a great opportunity for us to assess a members continued membership, based on the member’s feedback.
  • Taster sessions are chargeable, however there may be times in the year where we offer free trial sessions for promotional purposes. Payments received for trial bookings cannot be refunded. Should you need to reschedule your child’s taster session, you must contact memberships@soundpopacademy.co.uk before the start of your child’s taster session. Trial sessions can be rescheduled once, for free. If a reschedule request is submitted more than once, the new trial booking will become chargeable. Reschedule requests that are received after the date we were expecting your child cannot be rescheduled for free. A new booking will need to be made, including payment.
  • A Sound Pop Academy membership is ongoing and cannot be paused should a member be unavailable to attend for a month or longer.
  • If a membership is cancelled and the member wishes to return at a laster date, the member will be subject to a £15.00 Rejoin Fee to cover administrative costs.
  • If a member leaves in the month of July or August, the member will enter a ‘LOCK-OUT’ period for three months, meaning that they must wait three months before being able to return. Eg. If the member cancels their membership on 1 August, they will need to wait until 1 November before being able to return. The temporary cancellation of memberships will also result in but not limited to denied access to the members area, gig opportunities, all academy emails. A £15.00 Rejoin Fee will also be payable.
  • One free taster session is available per person. No free taster session will be available for past trial participants or paying members.
  • New members will receive access to the online members area as soon as they have set up a membership.
  • We love seeing members as much as possible! If a member misses 6 weekly sessions consecutively, we’ll get in touch just to check everything’s okay! Unfortunately though, we can’t hold places at Sound Pop Academy forever and we will end a membership if the member doesn’t attend a weekly session or communicate with us within two (calendar) consecutive months; even if membership fee payment is made.

Sound Pop Academy reserves the right to decline/end membership at any point, although we try to avoid this!



Little – Sound Pop Academy (Ages 6 – 8) £26.00 per member & per calendar month

Advanced – Sound Pop Academy (Ages 9 – 17) £36.00 per member & per calendar month


There will be a £3.00 per member & per calendar month discount for each sibling who attends any Sound Pop Academy group. For the sake of these terms and conditions, a sibling is considered a child aged 17 and under, who lives with their brother or sister and whom both live permanently at the same residential address.

When a LSPA member turns 9, their LSPA membership will transition to an SPA membership at the start of the next term. New terms are defined as the first session back after Christmas, Easter or the summer holidays. The child’s membership fee will automatically be adjusted to reflect the membership rate of SPA.

Should one sibling cancel their Little Sound Pop Academy or Sound Pop Academy membership, then any siblings who remain as an active individual member will have their membership fee adjusted for future months, without notice.

No further discounts can be applied to any sibling discount. All Sound Pop Academy judgements and decisions are final.



  • Sound Pop Academy is an academy that loves to feature and showcase its members. Lot’s of what we do include showcasing members in print, video, online, live streams, on social media and in our marketing materials. You agree that by sending your child to Sound Pop Academy (not limited to sessions, workshops, bespoke events, classes, trips and socials) we have the right to photograph and record your child and use these images and recordings for marketing and promotional purposes. Photos and recordings of your child may be used online, in social media, in print, in news articles, by any of our partners and on other media platforms. Should you prefer to opt your child out from media consent, please email us at hello@soundpopacademy.co.uk prior to submitting a trial session request.
  • All media taken by or for Sound Pop Academy belongs solely to Sound Pop Academy.
  • You understand that whilst we have a strong Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and put measures in place when necessary, we are unable to prevent third parties from taking photographs or recordings of your child whilst in a public space, such as external performances, shows, socials and events.



  • We hold safe and productive weekly sessions.
  • Sound Pop Academy weekly sessions are packed to the brim, so we need members to be on time, this way we can guarantee everyone gets the most out of the weekly sessions.
  • We’re aware that other groups are really eager to find out the secret ingredients of what we do, which is why we try to keep all the materials, harmonies and big ideas close to our chest. We’d appreciate if members could respect this and not pass on any Sound Pop Academy information to any other groups or companies… no matter how much they offer to pay!
  • Our sessions run in line with school terms. September – December (autumn term), January – April (spring term) and May – July (summer term). There are an average of 40 sessions across a 52 week year, plus performance opportunities which average 10 per year. The membership fee will still be taken even if there are weeks during the term when we do not meet. We will also take some time off over summer, to allow our staff to have a well deserved break and to prepare for the next exciting year. We are super proud to be one of the few groups for young people to offer the most amount of sessions across the year. Full term and session dates can be found on your members area or on the FAQ link, which can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.
  • Sound Pop Academy is a contemporary group. Therefore we learn contemporary pop songs and music which is in the charts right now. We will never learn songs that we perceive as being too ‘mature’ for the age group being taught. We will never learn a song that wouldn’t be played on the radio during the day. You agree to Sound Pop Academy’s music/song choices.
  • Our sessions are for Sound Pop Academy members only. We wish to keep this exclusivity and therefore nonmembers (including parents, siblings, granny’s and dogs) cannot attend.
  • No school uniform is to be worn at any rehearsal. Come dressed ready to rehearse.
  • Correct footwear must be worn at all sessions and performances. Trainers, canvas shoes and shoes covering toes are acceptable. Bare foot, flip-flops, dolly shoes and shoes with a heel are not acceptable and members will be not be able to participate.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any property left in the weekly session venue, although we will try to return any property found to the owner.
  • If a weekly session is cancelled due to what we deem ‘extreme weather conditions’ and/or other circumstances out of our control, the relative membership fee(s) is/are not refundable and no additional session be organised.
  • The use of mobile phones and portable electronic devices (such as iPads or tablets) during Sound Pop Academy activity is not permitted until suitable, planned or scheduled breaks. This includes at sessions, workshops, trips and all other Sound Pop Academy events. We want our members to actively engage in their membership and to be fully present when learning content and material or taking part in group activities. Phones can become a huge distraction and disengage members from embracing the Sound Pop Academy experience. Phones will be available to use during breaks.
  • We have lots to fit into our sessions and we want memberships to get the most from their membership with us. Constantly arriving late or leaving early disrupts our sessions. Members who frequently leave early or arriving late may result in the cancellation of a membership.



  • Opportunities for both Little Sound Pop Academy and Sound Pop Academy will differ and opportunities will be tailored to each age group and subject to local authority licensing conditions we are bound to adhere by.
  • When Sound Pop Academy has a concert, performance or social event, each member may be required to make their own travel arrangements and provide their own food/drink.
  • Members may be required to purchase their own performance costume and/or accessories.
  • New members are required to have attended a minimum of 6 weeks worth of in-person rehearsals to be able to perform. Individual rehearsals via the membership area do not count towards these 6 weeks.
  • To preserve the quality of Sound Pop Academy, we ask that members attend as many rehearsals as possible. If a members attendance is low, they’re likely to struggle to know exactly what they should be doing. We may request members to have a certain percentage of attendance to be able to perform in certain shows or performances. If this is the case, we will advise all members in a reasonable amount of time prior to the show or performance.
  • We may require you to wear official Sound Pop Academy branded t-shirts (or similar) at performances. Our range of merchandise and performance attire can be bought through the members area. Members will only be able to perform if dressed in the correct performance attire and/or clothing.
  • Trips, events and bespoke workshops may come with additional fees to cover the cost of the planned activity, such as but not limited to; tickets to shows and trips, travel or food and drink.
  • We will ask for members who wish to perform to confirm their next of kin / emergency contact details and details of their local authority upon each performance sign up. Members who do not provide this information will not be able to perform with us. These are due to local authority licensing conditions we are bound to adhere by.


    At Sound Pop Academy, we endeavour to provide a variety of performance opportunities for our members to develop their experiences of performing. Before we agree to a performance, we ask for members’ availability via the Muzodo website/app. Parents can then state whether their child is available to perform by clicking ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’. We use this to decide whether a performance will go ahead. We also use this information to inform the event organisers of how many children will be in attendance and ensure we have the correct adult:child ratio in line with our safeguarding policies.

    If a parent has responded to a performance with a ‘Yes’ but their child does not attend the performance without prior communication with us, they will incur a strike (unless there is an emergency and we have been informed). If that member incurs 2 strikes in an academy year (our year starts on 1st September and ends on 31st August), they will receive a 90 day suspension on all future performances from the date of their 2nd strike. This will be reset after the 90 day suspension has ended or on 1st September.

    To avoid a strike, parents must give accurate availability by the ‘sign up’ deadline date. This date can be found on each performance on the Muzodo website/app. Once the RSVP deadline date has passed, member attendance is locked in. If you’re able to amend your child’s availability from a Yes to a No manually via Muzodo after the deadline date, but before the performance (and you haven’t communicated with us), your child will still receive a strike as this change in attendance would have happened after the deadline date.

    It is important to state that there is absolutely no pressure for children to perform and no limit on how many performances they can attend. However, if you have responded to an event with a ‘Yes’, we expect your child to be there unless there is an emergency in which case you must inform us.

    We strive for Sound Pop Academy to be an inspiring performing arts group and we must ensure that our standards are upheld as this will allow for us to provide better experiences for our members. This rule will help us keep the integrity of Sound Pop Academy in tact, whilst allowing us to offer safe and nurturing opportunities for our members who do wish to perform.



• Bespoke events and workshops that are run by Sound Pop Academy, such as Sing This Summer! are not included with a Sound Pop Academy membership.



  • Sound Pop Academy is a NUT FREE ZONE. No nuts of any shape, size or variety can be brought to sessions, socials of events. We have members who are severely allergic to nut products. Save your Snickers for home.
  • No energy drinks should be consumed by any Sound Pop Academy, whilst at any Sound Pop Academy session, social or event.




• Under no circumstances will we tolerate the use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol by members at Sound Pop Academy sessions, events, workshops, classes or performances. The legal age to smoke and drink in the United Kingdom is 18 and over. Any member found or believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or found to be smoking whilst representing Sound Pop Academy, will have their membership terminated immediately and their parent or guardian called.



Sound Pop Academy is proud to be accessible and open to all young people who wish to participate in the arts. For members who require additional assistance in order to access Sound Pop Academy, including but not limited to those who may consider themselves disabled for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010, a carer must be present at all times whose job it is to care for and look after the relevant young person. A carer (not to the expense of Sound Pop Academy) must be available for any activity that takes place ‘off site’. We consider ‘off site’ to be any place where activity takes place that is outside of the members rehearsal venue, including but not limited to performances, social events and trips. Sound Pop Academy strives to ensure that it offers a fair experience to all of its members, but can not be held responsible should a Sound Pop Academy performance or event not be fully accessible. The reason a performance or event may not be fully accessible may be due to the location of the performance (outdoor events), grade listed buildings (theatres or museums without lifts) or any other factor. In the interests of safety, Sound Pop Academy leaders have the final say in any decision as to whether any member may perform. Should you have any questions about accessibility with Sound Pop Academy, please get in touch.



At Sound Pop Academy, we strive to provide all young people with a life changing experience, that will allow them to gain experience in music, performance and grow in confidence. We strive to continually provide a premium service and our staff, leaders, assistants, volunteers and other members of the team deserve the respect and cooperation to be able to provide this service.

We will not tolerate any young person or member who is disrespectful or not obeying an instruction given by the Sound Pop Academy staff team because that’s not cool. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and by engaging in a Sound Pop Academy membership, you agree that if you/your child is guilty of any of the following behaviours they will be removed from Sound Pop Academy and their membership cancelled:

  • Behaving in a manner which puts either themselves or another person in the building at risk
  • Guilty of causing harm either physically or emotionally to another person
  • Behaving in a disrespectful manner towards members of staff or Sound Pop Academy members
  • Compromising the enthusiastic and positive environment of the session for other members
  • Guilty of causing damage to the building or any of its fixtures or fittings
  • Guilty of causing damage to property that does not belong to them this can include personal items belonging toother participants, property belonging to Sound Pop Academy or our local partners, or items that have been hiredor borrowed
  • Failure to follow the instructions given by a member of the Sound Pop Academy team
  • Continued failure to change behaviour following continued requests to do so
  • Any behaviour which can be deemed to be gross misconduct



  • Members are able to self-terminate their membership at any time via their members area.
  • A payment for the following months membership will be taken should a membership be cancelled on the day of themembers reoccurring payment date – this is non-refundable.
  • It remains the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the paying member to cancel memberships, otherwisemembership fees will continue to be taken and are unable to be refunded.
  • Refunds can’t be given should a member decide to cancel their membership after a payment has been made.
  • Payments made for trial bookings are non-refundable.



In the event of an unplanned local, national or worldwide crisis, such as a pandemic, epidemic or natural disaster, Sound Pop Academy reserves the right to close with immediate effect. Any crisis will be dealt with on a case by case basis and the Sound Pop Academy directors decision will be final. Members always have the ability to immediately cancel their membership by logging into their account via the members area, which will stop any future payments and cease their engagement fully with Sound Pop Academy upon their next bill date. Alternative content or engagement may be delivered should a membership offering continue, which could temporarily replace any face to face sessions that are unable to run, for whatever reason. Refunds will not be available for previous payments made and new membership fees may be considered to reflect the service offered. Terms and conditions will also be able to be fairly altered without notice by Sound Pop Academy HQ in this instance, to protect Sound Pop Academy as a business and any of our amazing members and their families.



Please note Sound Pop Academy reserve the right to update ‘Terms & Conditions’ at any time. Members will be notified, and will remain bound to the agreement unless they decide to opt out. Opting out of our terms and conditions set out in this document will automatically terminate a membership.

* Anyone unsure of these requirements should email hello@soundpopacademy.co.uk with enquiries. Subject to change at any time.

** Sound Pop Academy months are based on calendar months and are not calculated weekly, pro rata. We take a yearly membership and divide this by 12. This means that if a member attends one week of a calendar month, the full £26.00 (LSPA) or £36.00 (SPA) fee is applicable. This also means that when we break for summer (1 month) the full £26.00 (LSPA) or £36.00 (SPA) membership fee is due and will continue to allow the member access to the online membership area and materials. This membership fee may change at any time, but the member and parent/guardian will be informed and given the option to end their membership.



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