What to expect

as a member of Sound Pop Academy...

A choir, for young people...

We pride ourselves on providing affordable first class tuition for young people who want to grow musically, perform in awesome shows and make incredible like-minded friends. All of this tied together means that our members will grow to be competent and confident performers. All of our songs are well known pop songs (that you’d hear on the radio) and our song arrangements are created and recorded by us in-house.


Our Sessions

Our sessions are built from a solid foundation of support and care for young singers. We encourage our members to grow, in a creative and fun way. We create a community of young singers which become a family. We encourage our members to grow into well rounded performers, gain confidence but above all have a supportive place to feel capable of achieving anything they want to.

As well as weekly sessions and performances, our memberships also includes exclusive access to our online members area. The songs and the arrangements taught at sessions are available, online. Members also have access to their rehearsal, performance and event diary which will keep them up to date with all of our sessions and opportunities.

Open To All

​​We're open to anybody and everybody between the ages of 7 and 17 regardless of ability and experience.

No Sheet Music

​Songs are taught in a 2 or 3 part harmony and will push the boundaries in terms of what other singing groups offer. We teach by ear meaning that our singers don't need to be able to read sheet music.


Performance opportunities are something we love to offer our members. Theatre shows, outdoor events and festivals. We also arrange amazing social events throughout the year for all of our members.

Above All, Fun!

Exposure to music should be introduced to young people as early in life as possible. The best singers in the industry start working on their skills in their early years and we can't wait to watch our singers grow and develop.

Book a Taster Session

​We offer all singers a free taster session. Your trial session should be booked in advance to ensure we have all the important stuff we might need.

Best decision ever joining Ellie-Rose up to the academy

Absolutely amazing. I had tears in my eyes watching them perform tonight! What a talented bunch of kids. It was the best decision ever joining Ellie-Rose up to the academy. She has grown in confidence and has met some lovely new friends. Thank you 💖 xx
Hannah, Southampton

LOVE Sound Pop

I can honestly say that my two children LOVE Sound Pop. They get to sing their favourite pop songs whilst making new friends and having loads of fun. They're not budding pop stars in any way but it's great to find an after school activity that actually benefits their mental health rather than putting more pressure on them.
Rachel, Hampshire

A great outlet

As a parent of a child who does not stop singing it was great to find an outlet for her love of it. My daughter raved about how much fun she had and the new friends she made.
Kelly, Southampton

Make friends for life

Sound Pop Academy is awesome! I learnt new dance moves that I enjoyed. They are still in my head. You taught me well. And I made new friends
Layla, Southampton

An amazing group for kids to join

Bella had an awesome time and really enjoyed the supportive environment and enthusiasm shown by all the teachers. She has not only developed skills in singing and dancing but has also made some really good friends!
Michelle, Southampton

What to expect

Every Sound Pop Academy session is full to the brim. Our members learn songs (in harmony) with choreography. We perform at a number of different venues and events over the course of a year. Our members meet new friends and experience things they’ll never forget.

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