Try something new this year?

Try something new this year?

It’s the start of a new year. That time when lots of us are thinking about what we want to achieve over the next twelve months.

Our mission at Sound Pop Academy is to provide first-class tuition for young people who want to grow musically. We learn well-known pop songs that our members love from artists like Ariana Grande and Years & Years and have loads of fun at our weekly sessions.

So if you know a young person that loves to sing or dance, Sound Pop Academy might be a great new activity for 2023. Here are 3 ways becoming a member of Sound Pop Academy might benefit them… 

Develop performance skills ????

At Sound Pop Academy, we focus on encouraging our members to develop their performance skills in a creative and fun way. At sessions, we learn pop songs you’ve probably heard on the radio in two or three-part harmony. We also learn epic choreography that our members love. We are committed to creating a supportive environment where members of all abilities feel capable of achieving anything they want – whether that’s learning to sing in harmony, getting to grips with a tricky bit of choreography, or even auditioning for a solo! 

Make new friends ????

Singing is a really great way to make friends. Our members attend weekly sessions, coming together to achieve the same goal: learning and performing incredible songs. Singing in the rehearsal room and making memories together at performances has an incredible way of bringing our members together. We’re always trying to find new ways to help our members make new friends or develop better bonds, whether through playing games at sessions or organising social events.

Gain confidence! ????

There’s loads of research about the benefits of singing. But possibly one of the biggest benefits to young people is that it helps boost confidence. We regularly meet young people who are nervous about attending their first session with us. They might be unsure of who to speak to, which harmony group to sit in or might lack the confidence to join in at all. And then, something magic happens. A few weeks into their Sound Pop Academy journey, they begin to release their inhibitions and start to transform into a confident performer. 


Ready to try something new? You can book a free trial for Little Sound Pop Academy or Sound Pop Academy on our website at any time.

Public Workshops

We run incredible public workshops throughout the year for young people aged 5-17! Tickets for our public workshops tend to go quickly, so be sure to keep checking back for new events if we’re sold out.

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