Our vision

Why we do what we do...

A message from the founders

Hello and welcome to Sound Pop Academy.

Throughout our varied careers in the arts, we’ve found that music is not only accessible to everyone, but it’s something we all connect with in a variety of ways. With that in mind, we believe that every young person should have access to participate in and to feel inspired by music.

Back in 2016 we had the idea to create a contemporary, cool and modern pop academy. A place that allows its members to come together weekly to sing, dance and be social. A place where young people are inspired and led by the most incredible leaders in their area. A place where young people are creatively challenged but passionately supported. And so, Sound Pop Academy began!

By being part of Sound Pop Academy, not only do our members participate in the arts which is fundamental to confidence, social development and creativity, but we push boundaries in and outside the rehearsal room.

Whilst singing in weekly sessions is fun, here at Sound Pop Academy HQ we’re always busy creating a diverse calendar of events to support the weekly sessions. We love to perform at events, shows and festivals and we produce our own theatre show yearly, giving our members as many opportunities to perform as possible. As well as this, we love to be social! We offer fantastic social events and we attend trips that will blow your mind.

Come and be part of our story.



Book A Taster Session

We offer all singers a free taster session. Your trial session should be booked in advance to ensure we have all the important stuff we might need.

The Idea Was Born

We had the idea to create a contemporary pop academy. The vision is to change the way young people access group singing.

Outreach Sessions

We worked with our local music hub to deliver some outreach sessions at schools across Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

We Launch!

We're ready to meet you and we can't wait! Our academies are vibrant, fun and exciting. Come and join us.

Welcome Portsmouth & Winchester

Our first theatre show was a SELL OUT and we launch our Portsmouth & Winchester academies

One Sound 2020!

All four academies join forces to perform at Mayflower Theatre, in front of sell-out audience over 2,000 people!

Our brand new office space!

We've moved into MAST Mayflower Studios. We can't wait for all of the future collaborations.

The journey so far...

Sound Pop Academy was just a thought back in 2016. The idea of offering a contemporary, fun and accessible group for young people to come to and learn awesome harmonies, vocal skill, immense choreography and have performance opportunities like no other was something we wanted to offer.

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