I always feel the full warmth from all our members… ☀️

I always feel the full warmth from all our members… ☀️

What Sound Pop Academy means to me…

Throughout my life I have always had a strong affinity for working with children and developing their full potential across their interests. Joining Sound Pop Academy has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as it has proven to be the ideal outlet for me to do what I love doing the most: encouraging and motivating children to discover their natural talents and abilities to become the star performers they all know they are! Words can’t express how much joy I receive every time I see those big, beautiful smiles grace our members’ faces, whether that’s from finishing a run-through before a huge performance, or standing proud on the stage and soaking in all the applause at the end of a show, or even just from the various hilarities that arise from our fun-filled sessions.

No matter how big or small the size of the academy, I always feel the full warmth from all our members being little (and tall!) rays of sunshine every time they arrive at our weekly sessions. There’s a real sense of community here at Sound Pop Academy. Seeing new members being instantly welcomed and new friendships being formed in the first half of a session is truly outstanding. It wouldn’t be wrong to say our members are budding young performers AND social butterflies! To be involved in their musical developments and see the progress every member makes each week, this has all made me feel extra proud to be part of the Sound Pop family. I get just as much pride when watching our members sing to their hearts content and unleash their inner divas when performing on stage. I know I won’t ever get tired of cheering for them from the side, as well as supporting and encouraging them to perform to the best of their abilities.

What more can I say? It’ an absolute delight and a real treat to be part of Sound Pop Academy. (What team? Sound Pop A-ca-de-my!)

What I’m looking forward to the most when Sound Pop Academy resumes…

Greetings members of Sound Pop Academy. This is Jia Jia and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing all your lovely little faces again when we resume sessions in September! It’s been far too looooong. I’m so excited to hear about what you’ve all been up to these past months, all the new things you have learnt, new skills or hobbies you might have picked up, or maybe even new freestyle dance moves you’ve mastered? I imagine there must have been a lot of dancing to the new tunes you’ve been discovering each week! I can’t wait to see the cool moves and learn all the super duper trendy ones from you all. And then challenge you guys to a dance-off. Which I know you’ll probably win. Yeah. Totally.

The other thing I’m looking forward to when Sound Pop Academy resumes, is something you all should look forward to too… And that’s our new list of songs, and the choreographies to go with them! I can’t wait to sing and dance with you guys again, and I know you’re all eager to get back into learning and perfecting the songs, harmonies, and sweet moves for the 2020/21 year.

But! It’s not entirely out with the old, and in with the new! The other thing I’m looking forward to is hearing you all sing the songs and busting out the dance moves that you’ve learnt from our Sound at Home Programme. Of course, when sessions resume in September and you return, we’ll go over everything with you and help you add that extra pinch of panache and finesse to make the songs really pop. (Pun intended!) So if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the vocal and dance tutorials to ‘Electricity’, ‘Anywhere’, ‘Touch’, and ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ (you can dig them up again from that round-up email we sent!) and get singing and dancing again!

P.S. the last thing I’m looking forward to (really, this is the final one I promise!) is seeing if any of you managed to pick up the new skill of beatboxing. The link to that is also in the round-up email so if you’d like to learn something new for the summer, check out the tutorial, and have fun giving it a go!

Jia Jia Wu – Academy Assistant – Hedge End & Portsmouth

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Public Workshops

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