2018/2019! Wow… What a year!! ????

2018/2019! Wow… What a year!! ????

2018/2019! WOW – What a year! It was special for a number of reasons, but most importantly, it was our first full year and it will definitely be one to remember for everyone involved!

Back in 2016, Dan and I first had the idea to create Sound Pop Academy. We wanted to offer a fresh singing group on the south coast and throughout the UK that allowed young people to take part in the arts… every week! We wanted to offer something that was affordable for parents. Something that wasn’t going to break the bank but at the same time not compromise on quality. We wanted our offering to be fresh, contemporary and different and I think we can confidently say that we achieved this.

We’ve seen lots of young people come through our doors at Hedge End and Southampton over the past year. Taking part in our weekly rehearsals and then getting out into public spaces and performing like absolute superstars! Each moment has been a positive memory that will stay with me and so I can only hope we have given our members such fantastic memories that they’ll look back upon and realise that they were part of something special.

Thinking about the past year, there are a couple of standout moments. The first has to be our theatre show at Nuffield Theatres Southampton (NST City). Our annual theatre show is produced by us here at Sound Pop Academy and it allows our members to showcase everything that has been learnt over the past year. The show was a sell out and judging by the feedback we’ve received from the audience and our members, everybody loved it. We have already started planning our theatre show for 2020 and it looks like it’s going to be even bigger than 2019… wait until you see what we have planned… wink wink! ????

Other highlights include our first ‘large’ gig at Westquay Shopping Centre in Southampton. It was our first public performance and we had over 1,000 people see us over the two 20 minute sets. It’s magical moments like this that give our members memories to last a life time!

For Red Nose Day 2018 we made a video which was a collaboration between Sound Pop Academy members and Academy Leaders. We raised over £110.00 and the video has been seen by 2,100+ people to date.

I also loved our sessions that fell over Halloween, including the Halloween creation contest. Layla, one of our epic members from Southampton brought in a pumpkin that had been carved to spell Sound Pop Academy. It was AMAZING. ????

In August, lots of us got together for our first social event. Whilst we work hard in the rehearsal room, it’s also important to have fun outside of it and to strengthen friendships and bonds. We visited (and jumped LOTS!) Oxygen Free-jumping in Southampton for an afternoon of fun!

Looking forward, I’m already super excited about our launch in Portsmouth and Winchester in September 2019. We have already started enrolling young people who are interesting in joining the academy and we’re so pleased to see so much interest. Every member that joins the academy doesn’t just join a ’singing group’. They join the Sound Pop Academy family and we can’t wait to welcome more young people in 2019/2020.

Mike Evans
Sound Pop Academy Director

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