Why I Love Sound Pop Academy

Why I Love Sound Pop Academy

My name is Scarlett and I first heard about Sound Pop Academy when my friend invited me to go to ‘Sing This Summer’ with her.  I was very worried before I went because I only knew my friend and her sister and I thought I wouldn’t fit in.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I really loved everything about it.

I was so pleased when Sound Pop classes started close to my home.  I had spoken to lots of my friends about SPA I was so pleased when 3 of them came along with me to the first session in Hedge End. Since then 2 more of my friends have also joined.

I love singing and sing whenever I can as singing makes me feel happy.  It cheers me up if I’m feeling sad and it makes my friends and family (apart from my brother) happy when they hear me sing.

I love Sound Pop as I enjoy learning new songs with my friends and having the chance to sing them in front of lots of people. My Mum says I was born to perform so Sound Pop is perfect for me!

Aged 8 almost 9

Best group ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come along for a trial session and try Sound Pop Academy yourself!

Public Workshops

We run incredible public workshops throughout the year for young people aged 5-17! Tickets for our public workshops tend to go quickly, so be sure to keep checking back for new events if we’re sold out.